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About Frank Pratt and T. J. Shope
Frank Pratt and T.J. Shope have very deep roots in this legislative district. They are both small businessmen who are active members of the community. They are also both descendants of Pinal County pioneers. Frank and T.J. really care about this district and the people they represent, after all, they live, work and enjoy this area with their family and friends – just like you.

The issues we face are very real. Crimes rates are too high, graduation rates are too low and the cost of healthcare in becoming more and more expensive. Frank Pratt and T.J. Shope have worked very hard to find solutions to these difficult issues and they have had a lot of success at the state capitol. They have stood up and protected the people they represent and have made certain that we have adequate police, fire and emergency services. They have also voted for policies that expand economic develop and the creation of more and better jobs and they have worked for improved educational opportunities for everyone. They deserve your support and your vote.

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